Caves Joan Segura Pujades





Typology: Large-scale renovation, winemaking industry and wine tourism


Location: Torrelavit, Alt Penedès

Surface area: 320 m2

Proprietor: Caves Joan Segura Pujades



The early 20th century saw the emergence of the large Cava companies that now embody the majority of brand production and projection… but it is the small cavas, located in the producers’ own home estates, which constitute the largest number of existing establishments.

These installations have expanded over the years, often somewhat chaotically, and are now unsuitable for the growing industry of wine tourism and the projection of their image.

The renovation of this family cava winery responds to the intention of giving order to a fragmented space, highlighting the traditional elements that have been conserved and creating an appropriate ambience for receiving the visitors.

The strategy has been to use a continuous surface to link the various reformed spaces. This glazed mosaic “skin”, which owes its colour to the ceramic brickwork that was predominant in the old building, also forms a counterpoint which gives the complete establishment a contemporary appearance.