Merum Priorati



Bodegas Merum Priorati


Typology: Renovation, wine industry and wine tourism.

Year: 2018

Location: Porrera, Comarca del Priorat, España

Area:  m2

Client: Pere Ventura i Familia SL



Project of a comprehensive reform of an unfinished cellar. The action consisted in the functional restructuring, landscaping and the complete redefinition of the visitor center whose interior has been entirely designed in wood (floor, walls, ceilings, furniture …). The objective was to create an enveloping and sober environment, hiding the technical elements of climate and lighting through a system of removable modular panels. Oak was used for its reference to the wine aging process, and modern design but inspired by the monastic tradition of the Priorat region.
The exterior is treated with materials and vegetation native to the region.
A large horizontal sundial presides over the access plaza and adds to the numerous sundials that characterize the town of Porrera.

This work has been awarded with the Anells de la Fusta 2017 award for the best wooden interior design work.